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Sep. 26th, 2017 11:09 am
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“Hysteria is starting to spread”: Puerto Rico is devastated in the wake of Hurricane Maria
No power, little access to water, dwindling food: the situation in Puerto Rico right now.

I'm sitting in the jury waiting room, as I'll likely be all day, and CNN is on the TV. When they're not talking about football (marquee right now says "[djt] satisfied feud 'really caught on'") they're showing video from Puerto Rico - because communication was hit just as badly as everything else, it's not surprising that it's taken some time for that to start. I'm looking right now at a picture of PR at night before and after Maria, a stark reminder that the main power system was taken out, and any electric is local generator power. Two dead after a San Juan hospital ran out of fuel. Estimate is 4-6 months to restore power to the island. Imagine living without refrigeration, air conditioning, possibly cooking equipment, power in general that long. I listened to something on The World the other day about how there were a bunch of "Haitian Moms" in Miami who still knew how to cook on charcoal fires (the correspondent said she didn't know how but her mom did) and were cooking for their neighborhoods. Parts of Florida were out of power for 10 days, but not being an island helps a lot in getting food and fuel.

Jury duty changes

Sep. 26th, 2017 09:04 am
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I'm impressed by the upgrades in the place since last I was here - they have charging stations and charging lockers. I've found myself a place near a plug for my still problematic battery computer. Unfortunately they've turned the TVs back on.

A less useful to me change is that the $4 transit fee they give you (would barely cover metro) is now going to be mailed as a cheque. Aside from hating cheques and paper mail, I left my wallet home this morning so the old "feed your juror badge into the machine at the end of the day and get four dollar bills out of it" is less helpful.

CNN's on the TVs. "The president is pleased as punch by the response to the NFL firestorm."

"where was the knee when their own players were charged with domestic violence?"

Uh, that's not an equal protection and institutional violence issue?

They're currently talking about "uh, maybe we need to get the focus back on Puerto Rico?"

Weekend update

Sep. 25th, 2017 12:58 pm
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The care of my mother has passed to my family for the week. My brother & sister planned months ago to go to London to see the Ravens play and that's where they are at this writing. Wednesday was my day which went well. Thursday I'd just turned onto the beltway when my phone rang. My wife couldn't get her car started and so Thursday became my day as well. I didn't have anything planned. (We usually try and take a main course for her in case she doesn't care for the nursing home's choice). I stopped at a Giant and collected a few things at their deli.
Friday, my son went and managed to hook his laptop up to the room's TV and to the wifi at the nursing home. He got VUDU to work and showed her The Martian.
Saturday was my day. I took The Wrong Box, a 40 some year old British Comedy. Sunday we tried Law & Order which went over pretty well too.
I went to my orthopedist this week. Got a cortisone shot for my left elbow. The intermittent pain in my left hip and left knee he told me to ignore and see if it gets worse.
I also managed to have a dinner with [profile] soubrettic. That was pleasant.

Recently I've managed to watch (or re-watch) to the end on Netflix (Mostly), Longmire, Traveller, The Expanse, Van Helsing and I'm almost caught up on The Orvile.

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Sep. 24th, 2017 06:15 pm
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It has been a good afternoon at Fair. Whether or not I get to Glen Echo later remains to be seen, but I probably will. Very much enjoyed first Albannach then Cu Dobh then Stary Olsa - not bad for parking at 3. Cooling down, now. Was way hot before.

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Sep. 21st, 2017 04:56 pm
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One of the things I am finding highly annoying today is that my apartment building quintuples at the cost of the key fobs, apparently correctly surmising that people would stop buying a whole ton of them and treating them cavalierly if they were 50 bucks instead of 10 bucks to replace. What this means to me right now is that I've managed to misplace not one but two sets of house keys in my apartment somewhere and I'm depending on the Gatehouse to let me into the garage and let me into the building every evening and if it were 10 I would buy a new one and figure okay I'll have extras when I find the others but I'm loath to do it at 50.

In other news, I created a Facebook group for Keith and it should be visible off of Facebook and I need to figure out how to make sure people get notifications of events and such.

It looks like the last couple times he and I didn't connect I was either tired or had a dime cell phone and I'm sad that it had been as long as it was since it looks like we talked.

If you want to send a condolence card to his mom it would be best to send it either to Diana or declined because his mom is not dealing well with getting condolence cards and has requested they come in batches.

I'd be complaining about where has the summer gone except its 87 degrees and I am so sweaty. What show was good last night and better today and I like my outfit. So I guess it was a good choice choice to keep the skirt from the clothing swap that had magen davids in batik all over it

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Sep. 20th, 2017 11:58 am
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So what I'm trying to do right now is test out the mobile version of dream wits in the hopes I might spend more time posting to it, especially since I can talk to the phone. It has been a mixed couple of days. The impromptu wake at Diane's was good Dash small and quiet, with generally about six to eight people at any given time, allowing whole group conversation. I'm looking to create a remembering Keith Facebook group or perhaps something else I'm not sure. Tonight's lumsfs up in Columbia will be another impromptu wake and there will be a slightly less impromptu wake via mumsfs next Thursday in Gaithersburg. Bsfs is looking at their space for a more formal Memorial. I currently have no idea what's going on with a family funeral or anything.

In other news, it was a good choice to get the multipass for fair, because when all this went down on Saturday getting there at 5:15 was perfectly fine.

And I got a crow both Monday and Tuesday and well it's been a wonderful thing I wish I understood why my wrists and hands hurt as much as they do, and I'm really hoping that it doesn't have anything to do with ceasing doxycycline for the Lyme. I consulted with an infectious diseases doc on Friday and I'm relatively sanguine about the amount that I've done . But I do want to email about stuff that's happened in the last week.

I'll admit I haven't been all that politically engaged. There's so much going on it's impossible to keep up and the things good. Those who have the energy and especially those who have Republican Senators might like to spend some time calling said Republican Senators to push back on their final last-ditch kill the ACA legislation that were looking at this week .

All of the above courtesy the somewhat newer phone I have finally changed too, which seems to have fairly awesome speech to text.

Many thanks to free, for giving me the link to the dreamwidth mobile.

Getting ready for the show

Sep. 19th, 2017 10:57 am
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This past weekend, I did more toe stuff and a general health check on all of the goats that are going to the show. I'm down to the last don-wannas. Richie still needs a toe-trimming, and I keep avoiding it because, well, he's gross. I also need to wash off Emma's butt because it's black and stinky now. I know it's just a lot of hair and her being lazy about squatting all the way to pee, but really, it's gross.

I gave up getting any more fleeces skirted for the show and sale. Five will have to be enough. I haven't done my for sale notices yet. I did apply for registration papers, but I was a smidge late getting those filed, so I'm not confident that they will arrive before Saturday.

But hey, I'm scheduled and going. We will see what happens when I arrive.

Keith Marshall

Sep. 16th, 2017 03:27 pm
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Keith Marshall died today. I don't have memorial info yet, but Diane might have people over tomorrow; she's not alone now, and that is good. Ping me on this handle on gmail if you want further info.

I was just about to leave for Wheaton regional for acro when I got the call, and then the other call. Had over an hour on the phone with the housemate yesterday rapidly coming to an understanding of why she was impossible to live with, so i suppose I should have known better than to admit I already knew, that Diane had already called me. And I suppose I shouldn't have been surprised when she started yelling and hung up on me when I told her the Baltimore and DC science fiction people would be available to help sort through his things - I knew there had already been strife over his wishes that his books go to bsfs.

I decided half an hour ago that I'd instedad go to faire at this point. Called gsh and established through tears that he would still be there. Am still messing with the iPad.

I wrote this on Facebook:
Back when social media showed stuff in order and I more consistently posted on a certain other network Keith William Marshall would check on me when I hadn't posted in a day or two. He was willing to spend likely three times as long supporting me in replacing my disposall 'myself' as it would have been to just do it. He made bracelets and fiddle toys the 3D printer and last I saw him he gave me a Magen david. I keep thinking of the anodized titanium bracelet he made and wore. He was kind and matter of fact and knew about so many things and i wish I'd remembered he was still one of the people who chats on the phone. Ive had a candle burning for Keith since last night; Diana called a few minutes ago and it sadly now serves as memorial.

We always think there will be more time. I knew yesterday the situation was bad but was already thinking about how to be future help.

there isn't yet memorial information. Diana may have an informal gathering at her place tomorrow. If you know her or Keith, ping me for phone/address.

I'm hoping that bsfs/wsfa can be involved in sorting through Keith's books and such, because it was important to him they not be trashed. Communication in that area is currently a bit fraught.

Fsck. Just Fsck. Other times friends have died it's been either less of a surprise or farther away

It's surprising and it isn't surprising that I'm crying. We met 20 years ago. He always made me feel cared for and protected. And it was a shock, and I could have spent more time with him. Particularly after he was no longer driving.

I gotta get moving in some direction

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Sep. 14th, 2017 02:24 pm
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Just posted over on FB:
A "care and feeding of the [vval]" note: If there is some sort of Activity happening and I'm off to the side alone doing something else, that is very rarely my first choice in how my life is going. There are people who sit and watch at a dance or read a book at a party. That is not me. It may be that I've decided I'm superfluous, or am not sure how to insert myself (this happens at acro jams) but while I /can/ entertain myself on the sidelines that isn't why I showed up. I supposethere's also craft nights where everyone has a project. And it's certainly nice to be out near people while getting stuff done, so maybe that's another counter example...
So the thing is, right now I'm sitting in Meridian Park watching three instructors do acroplay. Thing is, the visiting one had invited me to come join them, and had taken til most of 1 to mention to me that he was arriving at the Park to join with one of the others, and when I finally managed to get here, there were 3. And so I'm superfluous. They're doing stuff that's beyond my comfort level, which is fine, but I'd also expressed last night that I didn't want to get in the way.

So I paid a few bills and am now sitting typing, and I'm not sure whether they think this is what I want to be doing. When I rushed out and changed another potential thing I was doing to be here.

Edit: I just got to try a couple things and spot a couple things, which was helpful

Getting older

Sep. 13th, 2017 08:49 am
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Early to mid twenties: 
Dinner partner: "I'm sick."
Me: "Whatever, let's do it anyway."

Late twenties/early thirties:
Dinner partner: "I'm sick."
Me: "Grumble.  We should probably reschedule."

Mid thirties:
Dinner partner: "I'm sick."
Me: "Let's reschedule and practice good self-care.  Go us!"


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